MUSIC PRODUCTION / landscape design / extreme sports





When you love what you do, its not work, its fun. My motive here is not money, something far more valuable. To connect, meet new people and combine, or swap skill sets to build relationships across any type of business. Aimed at sole traders and self employed people... my proposal is to swap skills...


For example, 'you have a ski chalet in the Alps providing accommodation services. I can provide you with fully edited promotional, 4k video of your chalet and the surrounding areas to boost your business marketing. If needed, I can also provide logo designs and all branding. These would then be fully animated for the video.' If you already have these then great.


In return for this kind of skill swap... I would be able to stay in your chalet for a holiday for free. (Flights not included of course and it would be only once)


ALL business that feel they could benefit from this are all welcome. Drop me an email and get in touch




A concept of payment that involves no money changes the semantics of the relationship and becomes the true meaning of trade. When I do something for the Love of it, that is half my payment... To utilise my passion in a way to meet and help new people from all walks of life, has become my path.


I have made it my ethos to help anyone and everyone succeed at what they do.


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